If you are looking for something simple to help connect your API endpoint to your react frontend then you have clicked the right link. I used to code in Angular before and making API calls was easily done by built in http library, but when I shifted to React at first I was confuse like most of you because there were many libraries for this purpose but mainly 3 — Axios, fetch and superagent.

At first I used fetch library, but when I started using Axios things became a lot easier and now I don’t waste my time in this…

Greetings, fellow Coders!!✌

If you are new to React, then maybe you are making that very rookie mistake that everyone does, even I did! At first you won’t even realize it because it’s just the beginning and you might not be prepared for the challenges you are going to face when you expand your project, add more and more files without realizing that most of them work exactly the same and maybe if you had arranged them in proper manner then you could have avoided that “too many files in single folder” problem.

So this files organization problem appears mostly…

👋Hello there, Coders!!!!

So it’s my first blog and had a thought about posting something that could be helpful for React-developers beginners like ME. So I’ve been working in react for last 3–4 months and one rookie problem that most of us face while building your own first big project is keeping up with the react states as in class components which are hooks in functional one. It is all easy until we get to the problem like Prop Drilling.

First let’s know a little more about React Context API and Why do we need it ?

One line definition would be “API which is created in React itself and provides a way to pass props down…


React and MERN stack Dev, also trying my luck as React Native Android Developer

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